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Registering ensures we can efficiently handle your order and enables you to return at any time and check on order progress, see what you previously ordered, access invoices and make inquiries. 

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No- registering here does not automatically create a charge account. However, if you have a charge account with us, you will need to be a registered customer in order to use it. If you require a charge account, go ahead and register here, then please contact us on 0800 LABWARE or send us a message here while logged into your LabwareHouse account.

I hate passwords. Why do I need to create one?

Simply. Security. We hate them too, but they are the best option we have for protecting your information. 

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NO! We do not ask for your credit card on registration and we never, ever store your credit card details.. When you pay, we never see your card details. We redirect you to Stripe where the transaction is made over their secure platform.

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